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Лінк на гру для капітанів -

While other companies open branches abroad, Wix is taking a different approach by launching an office in a remote Ukrainian city to find talent! The first office of this kind will open in the town of Novosiransk, and it is a real sensation for the province.

Every citizen of Novosiransk dreams of getting a job there, including Tolik Chudobryk, a junior security guard at a local supermarket. He is a true problem-solver, so he plans to apply to the position of Customer Care Expert. But to pass the interview, one needs to present an example of solving an important problem, while Tolik's track record only includes catching schoolkids who stole snickers...

He needs a serious success story - and suddenly fate gives him a chance to prove himself! His supermarket has just been robbed, and he doesn't have time to call the police. He has to act fast!

Join Tolik on a grand online detective investigation on September 29 at 14:00 Kyiv time!

To join the detective squad, you should:

  1. Download the desktop version of Zoom

  2. Sign up for Zoom using WIX email (if you already have a WIX Zoom-account - make sure you remember the password)

  3. Join the game on 29.09 at 14:00 Kyiv time via Zoom link (it will require you to sign-in to Zoom):

    Meeting ID: 895 5949 9741
    Passcode: 827193

ppl for wix.png
  • Has the team captain dropped out of the call and can no longer join?
    In this case, the other team member should share their screen and sound, open the game URL and start the game again. Now you will need to quickly click through all the dialogues in the same order and therefore reach the spot where you stopped.
  • Do your colleagues hear the sound in the game?
    It is necessary to make sure that you have allowed sound broadcasting (when selecting the screen for sharing in the lower left corner, you need to tick the checkbox “Share computer sound”)
  • How to submit the answer?
    After clicking the "Resolve case" button, you will need to input the answers and click 'Submit' button. The system will generate a code with your result, which you will need to enter into the Google form (URL would be provided in the game itself).
  • Unable to share screen?
    If you have MacOS 10.15 or higher, you need to provide Zoom relevant permission Zoom (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab -> Screen Recording -> tick the box for
  • Does the team captain have to leave the call before the game has ended?
    One of the players can ask the captain for remote control and take control of the game (at the same time, the captain must leave the browser window with the game open).
  • How does the quest look like?
    We'll start with a general Zoom call where the host will debrief you and demonstrate how the game works. Then all participants would be divided into teams and will get a link to the game site. Once in the game your team would stroll around the game map and communicate with different characters to resolve the case.
  • Can't solve the puzzle or you think you are stuck?
    Text the host in private messages which riddle you can't crack and we will give you a hint :) Contacts will be pinned in the Telegram support chat during the game.
  • Did you drop from the call?
    Join Zoom link again - you will be taken to the main session and a host will return you to your Breakout room.
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